1. Dog Boarding During Home Repair

    Having to have work done on your home is typically a major inconvenience. Not only does your house have a problem that needs fixing which is in itself troublesome, there is also the possibility of having to take time off from work in order to be home during the repairs. And if you are a dog owner, it also means keeping your furry friend safe and happy while the maintenance is performed. While dogs…Read More

  2. No Dogs Allowed On Vacation?

    For most Americans, vacations come few and far between, and the opportunity to spend a week on the beach is a chance most people can’t pass up. However, if you are a pet owner, going on vacation presents a number of difficult dilemmas such as attempting to find a vacation spot that allows pets or finding a dog sitter that is both reliable and affordable. For Valley Center residents, pet boarding…Read More

  3. Puppy Training Basics

    The joy of having a puppy is a truly life changing experience that all of us here at Muddy Paws Country Spa hope everyone gets to have during their lifetime. However, while puppies are undeniably cute and full of rambunctious energy, they can actually be a lot of work at first. But, this should not persuade you to pass on the opportunity of having a tiny new best friend in your life. In fact, with…Read More

  4. Summer Grooming For Your Dog

    While we’re pretty lucky to have some year-round nice weather here in Valley Center, there is still plenty to be aware of as a pet owner as summertime rolls around. Almost every dog is biologically designed to shed their fur in warmer months, and for you that could mean heaps of unwanted dog hair piling up around your home. Additionally, higher temperatures mean your dog is having a harder time …Read More

  5. The Importance of Playtime

    Here at Muddy Paws Country Spa, one of the best parts of our job is getting to play with awesome puppies and dogs throughout the day. However, as much fun as it is for us to have a chance to play with your pooch, playtime is actually a very important aspect of dog training. Whether you have a new puppy or recently rescued an older shelter dog, obedience training is a crucial part of having a canin…Read More

  6. Welcome to the Muddy Paws Country Spa Blog!

    At Muddy Paws Country Day Spa, your pets are our highest priority because we believe that surrounding animals with love and passionate care provides the best experience. With our staff of dog trainers, groomers, and animal care technicians, you can be certain you are leaving your pets with people who are dedicated to providing a fun and safe experience for your pet. Whether you need boarding, dayc…Read More