Providing your dog with comfort akin to what they are used to at home during their nights at dog boarding can be a challenge. Not all dog hotels are created equal, and even the best can easily cause your dog undue stress if you do not properly prepare. We recommend that all of our Valley Center dog boarding guests have something that reminds them of home, though our only request is that they are not left with anything they could destroy or choke on during their stay. To help make your dog’s stay away from home feel like home, we recommend a few simple things:

Keep them busy

Our boarding service offers a number of ways to keep your friend entertained, and keep their anxious energy drained. We have found this to be the best way to make them sleep soundly through the night. Check out our full menu of offerings available to each dog hotel guest, including a full day of daycare to tire them out throughout the day!

Make it a spa day 

Just like people, dogs like the pampered treatment to accompany their hotel stay. Schedule your dog a haircut, manicure and pedicure (nail trim), and even some simple teeth and ear cleaning! You’ll come back to a whole new dog, and with no extra time lost.

Something from home 

Consult with your boarding staff to see what is approved, but remember that along with any special food you are encouraged to bring things that will remind your dog of home. Even a simple Kong or their crate can make a huge difference in their anxiety during their stay.

Make Reservations Today

To get your dog ready for check-in with our skilled Valley Center dog boarding staff, simply fill out this simple Boarding Registration Form after you contact us to schedule your dog’s stay. You can rest easy knowing that your dog is happily enjoying their home away from home.