Dog boarding is a fortunate service, and one that many Valley Center families take full advantage of on a semi-regular basis. There are a number of reasons that leaving your pooch in the caring hands of a dog hotel can be a wise choice. Whether you plan your dog’s stay months in advance or call around hoping for same-day vacancy, here are a few of the key instances you should consider dog boarding:


Taking a trip is exciting, just don’t forget to figure out boarding for your dog. If someone in your life is gracious enough to watch your pup while you are gone, considering dog boarding for a day or two can give them a respite from their volunteered responsibility. Whether your pal is checked into the dog hotel the entire time you’re gone, or just for a small portion, you’ll be able to relax knowing they’re taken care of.

Medical emergencies

It’s nearly impossible to predict when medical emergencies will strike. Whether you’re visiting ill family out of town, spending large amounts of time at a nearby hospital, or even bringing a child into the world, dog boarding can keep your dog off of your mind while you focus on other important things in your life.

Hotel stays

When your home isn’t available to you, a hotel is often your only option. Hotels aren’t exactly known for their dog friendliness, and with good reason. Most importantly, hotel rooms just aren’t made with dogs in mind. Taking your dog to a dog hotel during your stay puts them in a safe, ideal environment instead.

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