Beyond the doggy hotel rooms, caring staff, and even treats for guests to enjoy, each dog boarding service should have one major thing that doggy parents may not think of right away: An on-site veterinarian.

An Obvious Need

Think about it: You leave for a few days, entrusting your pup to a group of kind-hearted individuals that, unfortunately, have no clue for how to treat your friend if something goes wrong. It seems obvious once it is pointed out, but many dog boarding services are not affiliated with a veterinarian in any way, let alone an on-site vet. If you choose to leave your dog with one of these services, they have little tools to handle any illness or injury that may befall your dog while you’re out of town, which is a frightening thought.

At Muddy Paws, we are lucky enough to be directly connected to a trusted local veterinarian’s office. This gives us the ability to handle any medical issues your pup may have coming in, as well as anything new that pops up while you’re gone. Our qualified dog boarding staff is available to administer any medications as needed, and, of course, will keep you informed with anything that looks to be going on with your dog.

Don’t Settle for Less

In Valley Center, there are plenty of dog boarding options to choose from, but Muddy Paws is the most qualified to take care of your pup, even if they need to see the vet while you’re gone. Obviously, we hope to never need unexpected veterinary care whilst you’re gone, but we believe that it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your friend’s health.

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