Any dedicated pet owner can vouch for the necessity of finding a great dog boarding service. If you are wondering, “how do I best find dog boarding near me?” look no further, as Valley Center’s Top Rated Local® dog daycare and boarding provider, Muddy Paws, offers a simple solution that allows you and your pooch to try a boarding service prior to leaving town.

Daycare before boarding

Whenever possible, it is best to try out a dog hotel’s daycare service prior to entrusting them with your friend during your time away. This is a great idea for a number of reasons, including:

  • They will have your dog’s paperwork on file, no last minute scrambling to fax things over as you are packing for your travels.
  • You will feel more comfortable with the facility after you leave your dog in their care for a workday, and the staff will know what to expect during boarding from their time together.
  • Change is tough for dogs, and putting them there overnight, or over a few nights, in a facility with dogs and people they have never met can be very stressful. Giving them exposure to the staff, smells and other dogs that frequent the daycare will help with boarding anxiety.
  • Avoid surprises while traveling by screening the facility and your dog’s reaction to it prior to boarding while out of town. This could mean numerous daycare sessions or even a “staycation” for your dog, by boarding them with you nearby.

If the boarding facility near you does not feature daycare, then investigate their accommodations closely. Most dog hotels also function as doggy daycare for hotel guests and local dogs alike, and those that don’t may unfortunately not treat your pup the way you’d expect. Unfortunately, most places that do not offer daycare are little more than rows of dog kennels, which can compound separation anxiety.

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