When your dog jumps into the car, how often do they lay down and go to sleep? Odds are the answer is somewhere between rare and never, and understandably so. Car rides are exciting, and perhaps anxiety-inducing for most dogs, leading to scrambling paws in the back seat and ears blowing in the wind. There is one time when most dogs lay down and sleep in the backseat: the ride home from doggy daycare.

Pet parents need breaks, too

If your dog is like so many others, energetic and ready to play everyday, then you are a prime candidate for a day (or two) off from play duty. The best way to buy yourself a date night without worry for your furniture or the sanity of neighbors is to tire your pup out with daycare, or even follow that up with overnight pet boarding. If you’re wondering what makes doggy daycare exciting enough to give you a back window rolled up (and free of nose prints) on the way home, then consider these reasons dogs tend to go all out at daycare:

  • It is really, really exciting for your dog to be in an environment made for them. Toys, special grass, staff playing with them, etc. There is just so much to do!
  • Other dogs are even more exciting for your dog. Think about it, they’re usually home waiting for you on the weekdays, playing with other dogs all day is much more fun!
  • Doggy daycare staffs love dogs, of course! We can’t speak for everyone, but our staff loves dogs more than just about anything. Playing with your dog is what gets us up in the morning!

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