We’ve all seen a sickness spread around the workplace, many even lovingly refer to it as the “office plague.” Of course, the same principles holds true at an amplified level for children; now imagine that same sickness spreading around in a group of dogs licking, sniffing, and closely playing with one another. We, at Muddy Paws, want to see each dog come and go healthy, so here is how to identify if your dog should take a sick day:

‘Tis the Season

Spring and fall, just like in humans, are prime times for kennel cough (a misleading name for a doggy cold). The symptoms of this virus can be a bit vague and hard to notice, but is often easily noticed by its signature dry, hacking cough. Here is what to look for if you suspect your pup may be under the weather:

  • Dry, hacking cough, as previously mentioned, is the telltale symptom. This can range from a coughing fit every few minutes to sporadic deep wheezing coughs (for some dogs these come one at a time).
  • Fevers are an obviously troublesome sign. While some dogs may act perfectly healthy with kennel cough, aside from a cough, others may suffer a fever that could require veterinary intervention.
  • Droopy or lethargic behavior. If your dog is hardly coughing, but sleepier or less energetic than usual (even slightly), then odds are good that kennel cough could be the cause.

What To Do

First off, please never bring a dog to Muddy Paws that may have kennel cough, not only will we not be able to keep the dog integrated with other dogs, but you could be risking not only other pups, but also yours, as their immune system is compromised by the virus.

Otherwise, you should at least contact your vet and describe the symptoms you have noticed. Odds are, if your pup seems mostly fine, all you will have to do is monitor them for the next 10 or so days as the virus runs its course.

If you have any questions, please contact us today for more information!