The dogs that attend our Valley Center doggy daycare aren’t limited to full-grown, mild-mannered dogs; many of the pups that we entertain each day are pups or have come here from a younger, fluffier age. If you’re wondering whether or not your energetic puppy is a candidate for daycare, feel free to contact our staff for initial requirements. Read on for the benefits that eligible puppies enjoy from Muddy Paws doggy daycare!

Puppy Socialization

The largest benefit your puppy has to gain from doggy daycare is socialization. Just like a young child attends school from a young age in order to socialize while learning and playing, puppies require a similar treatment to come out happy, healthy, and gentle. Socializing your puppy early at our doggy daycare can increase their healthy play habits, decrease their defensiveness and aggression to unknown dogs, and helps to teach them proper doggy manners, which further promotes healthy interactions throughout their lives. All of these things are most effective when started early, encouraged often, and reinforced through continued engagement, which makes puppy-aged doggy daycare an excellent starting point!

Puppy Energy

If you have a puppy, you don’t need us to tell you that they have two modes: Energetic and asleep. At Muddy Paws, we know how to promote safe, healthy usage of that seemingly endless puppy energy, which is complemented with naps as needed. The benefits you’ll see from letting your puppy get their energy out are obvious and immediate, these include:

  • Sleeping through the night
  • Happier, healthier play and activity
  • A tired, easy to please puppy
  • Excitement can be transferred to daycare time (we can handle it)
  • Prevents destructive uses of energy at home

Puppy Care

Puppies require more close monitoring than a full-grown dog; owners don’t yet know their medical status, puppies grow and change quickly, and they are adventurous (and unwise) enough to eat or do something that could harm them. By entrusting your puppy to a doggy daycare with ties to a veterinary office, such as Muddy Paws’ Valley Center location, you can know that your puppy can receive any treatment they may need.

Contact us today to learn more about our doggy daycare’s puppy eligibility!