Finding the right doggy daycare can feel like a challenge. Your four-legged friend isn’t exactly the clearest communicator and is reliably excited to see you at the end of the day. When a wagging tail and onslaught of licks greets you regardless of the accommodations, it’s no wonder that your pooch isn’t much help in the decision making. Add this to the overwhelming amount of choices, and difficult seems like an understatement when it comes to picking the right daycare. This leads many pet owners to feel lost or as though all options are equal, but the reality is far from that. The right doggy daycare for your friend is out there; here is how to find it before your dog ever scrambles into the building:

Sniff it out

Take a page from your dog’s book, and pay the daycare a visit. Many are open weekends, allowing you ample opportunity to drop in without your dog during daycare hours. Get a feel for the place and decide if you feel comfortable with the facility or not.

Note the people

All doggy daycares are run by a staff of people. Less important than unforeseeable chemistry with other dogs, it is important that you can trust and relate to the handlers. The right staff will seem upbeat, informative, and happy to work with you.

Read the reviews

We check out reviews for just about everything these days, and doggy daycare is no exception. Remember, however, that angry people are far more likely to leave reviews than happy customers are. Take each with a grain of salt, but note any concerning trends.

Ask around

It is said that the best form of marketing is “word of mouth.” If someone you trust is willing to recommend their daycare, then it is definitely worth looking into. Just be sure to do your research beyond this; you may actually open your referrer’s eyes to something unseen!

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