You’ve done it. Picking the right doggy daycare is never easy, but you and your friend have finally found “the one.” That is, you hope you have. How can you ever really be sure? As we mentioned in our previous blog, your dog isn’t exactly known for communicating ideas beyond “breakfast” and “dinner” effectively. It rests squarely on your shoulders to ensure that your friend is in the best possible doggy daycare amidst the field of possible Valley Center choices. Worry not, here are some things you can do today to double check your doggy daycare decision:


Any doggy daycare worthy of watching your friend will offer unlimited access to live webcam streaming. Check in on your dog throughout the day, and pay special attention to the staff’s treatment of your friend whenever you do. The added benefit here is how great a doggy daycare webcam break is. Work will never be the same.


Don’t rush out the door. Yes, your dog has likely been going ballistic since the moment they realized you still exist and haven’t forgotten about them. Take the time to ask the staff about your dog’s behavior, activities, and overall enjoyment. Compare this to what you’ve noticed on the webcam stream and compare any differences in the answers that staff members provide.


Okay, nothing actually to do with sitting. Instead, we recommend you trust your instincts. If you feel that your pup is in good hands, odds are they are. For many Valley Center families, this means trusting Muddy Paws Country Spa with daytime or overnight care for their friends. While we can’t guarantee your friend will be a great fit, our team does strive to provide a comfortable, safe and fun environment for you and your dog alike.

Get in touch with us today, and see if your dog is a great fit for our doggy daycare services.