1. Is Dog Boarding Safe?

    Boarding your dog naturally requires trust between staff and owner; this bond is especially necessary because dogs can’t speak up for themselves. If you are a concerned pet owner wondering if a particular dog boarding service is reliable and trustworthy enough to entrust the wellbeing of your canine companion, be sure to look for the following: Building the Dog Hotel Bond Check them out The best…Read More

  2. Puppies & Doggy Daycare

    The dogs that attend our Valley Center doggy daycare aren’t limited to full-grown, mild-mannered dogs; many of the pups that we entertain each day are pups or have come here from a younger, fluffier age. If you’re wondering whether or not your energetic puppy is a candidate for daycare, feel free to contact our staff for initial requirements. Read on for the benefits that eligible puppies enjo…Read More

  3. One Thing Every Dog Boarding Needs

    Beyond the doggy hotel rooms, caring staff, and even treats for guests to enjoy, each dog boarding service should have one major thing that doggy parents may not think of right away: An on-site veterinarian. An Obvious Need Think about it: You leave for a few days, entrusting your pup to a group of kind-hearted individuals that, unfortunately, have no clue for how to treat your friend if something…Read More

  4. “One Room for the Night, Please.”

    Dog boarding is a fortunate service, and one that many Valley Center families take full advantage of on a semi-regular basis. There are a number of reasons that leaving your pooch in the caring hands of a dog hotel can be a wise choice. Whether you plan your dog’s stay months in advance or call around hoping for same-day vacancy, here are a few of the key instances you should consider dog boardi…Read More

  5. Making Home Away From Home

    Providing your dog with comfort akin to what they are used to at home during their nights at dog boarding can be a challenge. Not all dog hotels are created equal, and even the best can easily cause your dog undue stress if you do not properly prepare. We recommend that all of our Valley Center dog boarding guests have something that reminds them of home, though our only request is that they are n…Read More

  6. Doggy Daycare Owner Benefits

    When your dog jumps into the car, how often do they lay down and go to sleep? Odds are the answer is somewhere between rare and never, and understandably so. Car rides are exciting, and perhaps anxiety-inducing for most dogs, leading to scrambling paws in the back seat and ears blowing in the wind. There is one time when most dogs lay down and sleep in the backseat: the ride home from doggy daycar…Read More

  7. Dog Boarding During Home Repair

    Having to have work done on your home is typically a major inconvenience. Not only does your house have a problem that needs fixing which is in itself troublesome, there is also the possibility of having to take time off from work in order to be home during the repairs. And if you are a dog owner, it also means keeping your furry friend safe and happy while the maintenance is performed. While dogs…Read More

  8. No Dogs Allowed On Vacation?

    For most Americans, vacations come few and far between, and the opportunity to spend a week on the beach is a chance most people can’t pass up. However, if you are a pet owner, going on vacation presents a number of difficult dilemmas such as attempting to find a vacation spot that allows pets or finding a dog sitter that is both reliable and affordable. For Valley Center residents, pet boarding…Read More

  9. Welcome to the Muddy Paws Country Spa Blog!

    At Muddy Paws Country Day Spa, your pets are our highest priority because we believe that surrounding animals with love and passionate care provides the best experience. With our staff of dog trainers, groomers, and animal care technicians, you can be certain you are leaving your pets with people who are dedicated to providing a fun and safe experience for your pet. Whether you need boarding, dayc…Read More